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Progress of Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC) Mitigation Project

Based on the recommendation of our specialist, renovation work has begun on the Konketiya water tank on the border of Block 4 in Yala National Park. The aim of this project is to make more food sources available to the elephants, which in turn should also stop them from invading the villages for food. We are happy to report that the villages in the surrounding areas have wholeheartedly extended their support towards this project, as the renovation will result in more water for farming, in addition to mitigating the HEC. The renovation work is being conducted under the supervision of the Department of Wildlife Conservation to ensure that the best interests of animals and the environment are met. We have also been in discussion with the Department of Irrigation for some time and are pleased to announce that they will bring the tank under their supervision after the renovation work is completed, to ensure that it is regularly maintained. They will also take measures to increase the total area of the tank from 60 acres to 80 acres, which would result in a higher water storage capacity. 

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