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Drumroll please! Presenting... Moringa: The Drumstick for healthier living

Although only recently discovered in the Western world as a superfood, the health benefits of Moringa (the Drumstick Tree) have been known for hundreds of years in South and Southeast Asia. In Sri Lanka, every part of the tree is used and is a regular presence in the gardens of most houses. The drumstick-like pod is usually cooked in a white curry with minimal spices, but with Sri Lanka’s love for chilli, spicier versions also abound. The leaves are often an essential ingredient in many dishes - especially those involving shellfish and are the star of stir frys and herbal porridges. They are also powdered for use in herbal teas and also, more recently, packed into capsules for easy consumption for the health conscious. Ayurveda has long since been a proponent of Moringa, and the bark and root of the tree are used in many of the medicinal preparations. Lastly, the trunk of the tree is not forgotten and is commonly used as fencing material in rural areas. A tree of myriad uses, Moringa is a culinary experience that should be tried by every traveller to Sri Lanka!

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